Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perfection(short story)

something i wrote in 12th grade english, its just collecting dust so i though i'd share


It's majestic beauty was stunning. The way the cliffs lashed out at the sky as if reaching to catch fallen souls. The cliff faces smiled back at anyone who might look as they seemed proud of the beauty they bestowed upon the landscape. Every tree in the lush forest that covered the slopes had it's own identity and hummed it's own songs depending upon it's mood; creating a consortium whose god given objective was perfection. The summit was positioned perfectly so that at night it bounced the moonlight over the valley as if watching out for it's children. It was perfect she thought.

As she tried to keep that perfect portrait in her head, her attention was torn from the mountain to the two hills that sat grotesquely beside it. The ravaged landscapes strangled her eyes. Trees cut down and their identities changed to the new two bedroom, two bathroom townhouses down the road. The ground left barren with only roots that screamed for someone, anyone to help. But we do not care enough as our own materialistic wants stifle our true sight. We are the parasite, the curse... she thought.

As she gazed she realized something: perfection existed before humans and so long as there are humans, the world will never be perfect. Anyone who seeks perfection is a fool and those who would be so arrogant to deem themselves a perfectionist are ignorant fools. With her mind settled and her hands steadied, she picked up her paintbrush and began to portray a glimpse of the world in the most simplistic of ways.

-Jacob Dickson 10/27/09


  1. great story! cant wait to see some more :)

  2. Nice read, got any more of this kind?