Sunday, October 17, 2010

yeah man

ill be posting some new stories/poems/verses soon.
 also tell me what you would like to read (ie. short story based on an orphan or a verse about a tree)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Another rap verse. I really enjoy writing these for my friends and I have quite a few. This one, however, I recently wrote. Enjoy!

    I feel like, everyday is a past life, and that what I'm doing has all been done before,
the footprints I make on the floor, the moments I create don't even matter anymore, cause I've got this new perspective and it's cryptic.
Alright, so I see the world as this tiny little dot, amongst thousands of other dots, and that makes me feel small, I can't even recall, where this state of mind came from, or how I got to be so loathsome,
 but I know that it's something that I can transform out of and get to see the beauty of life and live it, get to see miracles happen and believe it, get to watch the birds fly and know that one day when I die I can fly too, cause I took the chance, and never even glanced at the possibility, of failure, something that would make so many stumble at the thought of grandeur.
And I know this seems to follow the same tracks as my last few raps, but I believe in progression, and that everything teaches a lesson; I can sit back and watch her pass by or I can chase after her, and through whatever disaster, I can live happily ever after, because I've learned the lesson's she has to share, and I'll always know where, this state of mind came from, cause I busted my brain to refrain, from sinking back into that lonely state of pain... I just felt like I needed to explain.


Friday, September 24, 2010

A Mars Slim Can...

I have some friends that really enjoy Hip-hop, but they lack the ability to write lyrics that flow. So I used to write them lyrics, this is one of the verses I wrote for them (probably my favorite). They actually still come over to jam quite a bit... I play the drums and we make fly ass beats. Anyways, enjoy!!

    It's a beautiful thing life is, such a pity we only get to live it once,
though some believe in reincarnation, I could never believe that philosophy,
for my minds on vacation, determination, to avoid reality...
Like the wind in my hair its gone in a second, like the water in a stream, that gleams in the sunlight,
the light that we let shine on our skin to give us a light to look up to when we fall down, to the ground,
that caress's us so carefully, detrimentally, in a sense, but when we scream out in agony we know the moment's only a memory, fighting it's way into the depths of our mind, just to leave it behind,
for another day to reminisce about how we almost pissed ourselves crying, trying, defying, rectifying,
how unjust it was, and how the earth could just bust us up, then we remember how we healed, our life once so concealed, but then it opens up and we blossom, feeling so awesome, its like "nothing will stop'em!", but then we get set back to reality, the memory like gravity... you know it's there but you can't grasp it.
So just breathe in the air and let the water soak your skin, let your body loose to the rhythm and syncopate your feet with the beat, feel your heart pound with every sound, watch your sweat drip down to the ground and land so profound and just Remember that nothing lasts forever so whatever the weather, for better or worse, a moment is not a curse, so live by this verse.
JD 4/15/10

Sunday, September 19, 2010


sorry guys, been super busy with work. ill try and get some new stories by wednesday

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Varying Perception

 Something that I wrote a few years back (I am still working on writing new stories!) I guess you could say that one person see the glass half empty and the other half full. Tell me what you think!

   The stars smiled arrogantly back at us that night as I gazed. I thought about how many thousands of years it takes for that light to reach us and I realized just how small we really are. It was daunting to say the least. I turned to look at him. His face was constructed so perfectly it was disgusting. I looked into his blue eyes and they reflected nothing back at me but lust. There was no love between us. I hated him and yet I continued on not saying a word, I mean, what's the point? May as well not die alone. Such weak insignificant people we are. Once we die, we will leave nothing. We'll just be corpses rotting in the ground like everyone else. Live every moment like your last? Yeah right, whats the point...

   The stars were shining luminously as we layed together on the hillside. The starlight combined with the moonlight created an effulgent glow as it bounced off the lake, lighting up the whole valley. The cool summer breeze tickled our nostrils and there was not a sound but the wind rustling the grass and the trees. I'm in love with this girl, I wonder if she loves me back. She turned to look at me and I looked back. Words could not describe the moment we shared together. This was all I ever wanted, to be entwined here, with her. I'm going to spend the rest of my life with her. My mother used to say "take nothing for granted, especially those you love", I know what she means now.

new stories soon

gunna write some new stories/poems, ill put em up soon

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Epic Fail Much?

 this is a story i wrote about a year ago when my cousin was living with my parents and I. I think it's funny, tell me what you think!

    It's 2:11AM, and I feel the need to get some corn pops. Now if any of you have even been in my house you'll know that this is no easy task. Seeing as how the my parents bedroom, or as I like to call it; The Dragon's Den, is positioned directly beside the great white box of succulent goodness. Despite the danger I silently crept up the stairs with the taste of corn pops lingering on my tongue creating a nostalgia for what was early this morning. I open the cupboard and fumble through the cereal boxes until I find the one holding the golden pops. Its yellow exterior glistening in the moonlight shining in from the dining room window. Now with the key ingredient, I have one more task. It would be too noisy to "create" this spectacular blend of milk and golden pops upstairs, so I have to take all my ingredients downstairs before I can feast. As I'm collecting the utensils necessary for such a creation I hear Taylor climbing the steps behind me. He walks into the kitchen and whispers "sup" and I give him the cliche sup head nod and walk past him to grab the milk. I then walk back past him again to grab my pops, cause I gotta have my pops, to start the long journey back downstairs. Now this is where it gets weird; there must have been at least two feet of space for me to pass Taylor but for some reason, some godforsaken reason, this had to happen. The jug of milk I am carrying is fresh, so it weighs about a pound. Now if you get enough momentum behind something like that you could create a lot of noise, especially when its the middle of the night. I go to walk past Taylor but for the aforementioned godforsaken reason my arm holding the jug of milk bumps into his arm with enough force to make his hand holding a half full glass of water crash into the side of the cupboard and cut his hand before falling to the conglomerate tile to shatter.The glass shattering sounded like a nuclear explosion as it echoed throughout the house. We stood there looking at each other with a look of complete failure reflected off one anothers face. What seemed like several minutes was only a few seconds, and it only took a few seconds for the dragon to emerge from her den. She looked out from the door at us, myself half expecting her to torch us with great flames carried from her vicious mouth. But she was surprisingly chill about it, she asked what had broken, told us where the broom and dustpan were (which took us 20 minutes to find) and then went back to bed. We cleaned up the shattered remains of the fallen glass and then headed back downstairs laughing to ourselves about what had just happened. Oh and yeah i did end up enjoying those corn pops. There was something special about them, a kind of justification as to why i should be eating them.