Monday, September 6, 2010

That Statement

 Time for some poetry??? YUP!

I need some time, to gather my thoughts and unwind,
to sit back and watch it all unfold, new turns back to old, your hand's I no longer hold,
and I'm cold, as I stutter that statement, time will only tell what I meant,
by that statement.
"Knock, knock" there's someone at your door,
go and look and see that it's me, and drop down to the floor,
you can't control your emotions, they elicit the notion, as grand as an ocean,
that you should be forced to speak to me, but you hide,
well... at least you tried, but I found you, and you put on that perfectly orchestrated fake smile,
and all the while, you hated yourself for doing it, you couldn't prove to yourself you were losing it,
you thought I would go away, disappear, but my dear, I'm still here,
and you just couldn't bear, to tell me, but I knew all along.
I could tell by your face, and the way that you would place,
your hands upon me, there was nothing I couldn't see, but me,
and that's the trouble I have, trying to decipher my thoughts,
so I grab everyone I think I love and keep them close to me.
I guess that's why I write... my emotions all unfold from this pen that I hold,
and I'm cold, as I stutter that statement, I guess only time will tell, what I meant, by that statement.

-JD 11/25/09


  1. very vivid. i can literally feel what you're going through. check out my poems sometimes!

  2. Really pouring your heart out here aren't you? Keep it up! I think...

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  3. yup! keep your good work up. :)

  4. Good poetry is like a breath of fresh air in California-few and far between. You did excellent though. I enjoyed it plenty

  5. will you post some new stories soon?

  6. Supportin! Check out the new wallpapers i posted:

  7. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I like sodomy
    And so should you

  8. thanks for sharing

    Showing support :)

  9. I just learned something new today... thanks!

  10. good to see you're beating inertia today!

  11. Check me out man, also a poetry blog.