Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Another rap verse. I really enjoy writing these for my friends and I have quite a few. This one, however, I recently wrote. Enjoy!

    I feel like, everyday is a past life, and that what I'm doing has all been done before,
the footprints I make on the floor, the moments I create don't even matter anymore, cause I've got this new perspective and it's cryptic.
Alright, so I see the world as this tiny little dot, amongst thousands of other dots, and that makes me feel small, I can't even recall, where this state of mind came from, or how I got to be so loathsome,
 but I know that it's something that I can transform out of and get to see the beauty of life and live it, get to see miracles happen and believe it, get to watch the birds fly and know that one day when I die I can fly too, cause I took the chance, and never even glanced at the possibility, of failure, something that would make so many stumble at the thought of grandeur.
And I know this seems to follow the same tracks as my last few raps, but I believe in progression, and that everything teaches a lesson; I can sit back and watch her pass by or I can chase after her, and through whatever disaster, I can live happily ever after, because I've learned the lesson's she has to share, and I'll always know where, this state of mind came from, cause I busted my brain to refrain, from sinking back into that lonely state of pain... I just felt like I needed to explain.



  1. pretty well written, keep it up.

  2. Keep it up man, the more you write the better you'll get.

  3. are you a wizard damn teach me how to dougie

    you should view my page if you need some humor :D

  4. So far so good. Awesome kitty picture btw :)

  5. IMHO the "dots" are too close together.

  6. Reminds me of Reeves. You should check out his monologues on TED.com Awesome stuff.

  7. You're really talented, that's some really nice lines

  8. This is great thanks, and keep up the good work.